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Latest Acquisitions

10" Tensor, 6 Bobbin Planetary Strander, Model 200-6P, Year 2007

Product Code:CBR1372


Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

2.6m Skaltek U26T Portal Floor Traversing Take Up.

Product Code:TKU1641


Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

Rebuilt 4 1/2" Davis Standard Rubber Extruder, 20:1 L/D, Therm. II

Product Code:EXR205

Manufacturer:Davis Standard

Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts

Davis Standard 75 mm, 24:1Therm III Extrusion Line w/18" Multipass Idler, 24" Belt Wrap Capstan, Sikora Hot/Cold Gages

Product Code:EXPL458

Manufacturer:Davis Standard

Location: Bonham, Texas

THHN Line (E13) - 4 1/2" Davis Standard 20:1 L/D Extruder, Thermatic II, 2 1/2" Sterling Davis Nylon Extruder, 36" Dual Flyer Cone with Jacks, 30" Davis Electric Dual Takeup, Model TAP-30, Merritt Davis 2 1/2" Portable Horizontal Stripe Extruder, L-R

Product Code:EXPL465

Manufacturer:Davis Standard

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina



Machinery Can Be Purchased...

  • As-is" for immediate delivery from one of our eight North American facilities.
  • Test run & inspected for Operability
  • Cleaned & Painted
If you don't see the machine you are looking for, please contact us with your specifications and we will use all of our resources to help locate a match.
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